Stephen Euin Cobb 



Celebrities Stephen hung-out with

while on the

book promotion circuit




Aria Giovanni

(Penthouse Pet of the Month September 2000)


She and Stephen met in Atlanta.

Stephen fell for her right away.

He insists she is just as eloquent and lucid as she is attractive.


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“It’s funny”, Stephen said,

“I’ve discovered that when you’re out there promoting your work,

you just naturally run into other people who are out there promoting their work.

And when you do, they treat you as an equal instead of a fan.

They treat you as one of them. 

Maybe because they know you’re facing

the same problems, hurdles and difficulties of promotion they are.”









Stephen Furst

(TV star – Babylon 5’s Vir Cotto)


Now here’s a pair of cut-ups.

There’s no telling what these two might do next.










Christopher Judge

(TV star -- plays Teal'c on Stargate SG-1)


Christopher and Stephen met while relaxing in the VIP lounge in Atlanta’s Hyatt Hotel.

Both were there to talk with their fans at DragonCon.


Unlike his TV persona, Christopher is friendly, laidback and fun loving.










Vaughn Armstrong


(Actor who has played 11 different roles on Star Trek in the past 15 years

including Klingons, Romulans, Vulcans and most recently

'Admiral Forrest' on ENTERPRISE)


Another star who’s success has not gone to his head.

Vaughn is kind, friendly and jovial.


Here we see him with both Stephen

and Stephen’s sister: Peggy Cobb-Gregory.









Bill Mumy and Angela Cartwright

(Will and Penny Robinson from Lost in Space)



Bill and Angela both have full schedules.


Bill writes and performs music, does voice-overs for

commercials and cartoons, and has written comic books.


Angela has been a children’s portrait photographer for 28 years.


Yet these two “TV siblings” have recently found time to author a fantasy novel together.



Bill Mumy also played Lennier on Babylon 5










 Stephen’s new show

“The Future And You”


Ideas and opinion about the future based on verifiable facts of today.


Guests include:

Authors, Scientists, and other Pioneers of the Future






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